Tecnomecánicas Shine SL, , a metallurgic company founded in 1982, is dedicated to machining parts, the assembly of machinery and sub-assemblies, as well as mechanical welding.

Our production capacity enables us to specialise in the manufacture of unitary parts and small to medium series, and to adapt to the specific needs of our clients through the versatility of our machinery and the technical support we can offer.
Since 2011 Tecnomecánicas Shine SL has enjoyed the recognition of ISO 9001, the international standard that certifies our commitment to quality and ongoing improvement.

Technical Office: Design and Programming


Testing and Quality Control


Tecnoshine Production


Mechanical Welding

Polígon Industrial de Puigtió - Apartat de correus 118 - 17412 Maçanet de la Selva (Girona, Espanya)

Tel.: 972 859 011
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